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^Q^ [작성일 : 2016-09-19 03:27:57 ] 
제 목(Subject)
Open Studio Pamplet (2015) II 정리중입니다..

KyuNam Han(1977), 'The dot, Its Configurations' and Spacial Illusion, MFA Thesis, The Ohio State University.
An Excerpts from the catalogue ;'Kyu Nam Han's paintings(1986)introduction by Eleanor Heartney; Introduction to the Exhibition; 'Kyu Nam Han painting', Blue Hill Art Center(1991):and Artsforum gallery(1988);'Synthesis of Opposites: Deconstruction and Reconstruction', Walker Hill Art Center(1995),'Bridging the World', 'Cutting across the Grid'
cf: Excerpt from an article, '"Korea/New York 86", the Thorpe Intermedia Gallery, Sparkill, New York

1977 졸업 논문 : Kyu Nam Han,MFA Thesis( Ohio State University :"The dot, its configuration and Illusion",(1977) After a drawing which originally appeared in Die Fliegenden Blatter and which can, when accurately reproduced, indifferently see as a duck( turned to left) or seen as a rabbit. [ 주:원래 Fliegenden Blatter에 나타난 이 도면은 정확하게 그렸을때 하나의 형상이 둘로 해석됩니다. 왼쪽으로 보면 오리 그리고 오른쪽은 토끼의 의미로 전달됩니다.

Duck and Rabbit and Diagrams ; Excerpts from M.F.A Thesis:(1977);
'The Dot, its Illusion and its Configuration', The Ohio State University"

The following statements are the Excerpts from:'Nonlinear dynamics in meso and nano scales:
fundamental aspects and applications':
Editors: Marcos G.E.da Luz and Celia Anteneodo
Nonlinearity, as well as complexity, is observed in an incredible large number of phenomena around us, both natural and man-made: oscillations in grandstands, ecological trade-offs in tropical rain forests, climate, and the asteroids belt evolution in the solar system, just to cite few examples. Less known, however, is that it is not limited to large spatial sizes. At meso (10-6 m) and even nano (10-9 m) scales, nonlinear effects may also play a fundamental role in determining system behaviour, due to the signature of chaos in the quantum mechanical domain - the so called quantum chaos - or (if the processes are classical in nature) due to the involved nonlinear forces and dynamical equations. Nonlinear dynamics in meso and nano scales: fundamental aspects and applications is a compilation of articles which address many different contexts where chaos and complex behaviour emerge at very small scales. This issue does not intend to cover all aspects of the subject but instead provide a general overview of topics such as: de-coherence and the environmental influence on quantum problems; large molecules dynamics; fluid and plasma physics; nonlinear wave propagation; statistical mechanics and thermodynamics at small scales; and response theory - hence serving as a guide to possible new directions of research; relevant problems which still need deeper analysis; and what concrete situations, new methodologies and techniques should be developed to understand nonlinearity at very small scales.

The Six Cannons in far Eastern Asian tradition;

1. During China's Southern Chi Period(479-501 A.D) Hsieh Ho wrote six cannons for the Artist.

Briefly, they are (1) that the painters vital brush movement should convey the spiritual element of the matter being observed.
We can see Western counterparts in the work of Kandinsky, Gorky, Tobey, and Pollock, among others.
(2) The brush-stroke technique should have bone structure with 'passages'.
This method is similar to the Cubist, Constructivist, and Abstract Expressionist movement in the west,
and to the work of Braque, Mondrian, Malevich, and Pollock in Particular.
(3) Execution of the subject matter should be performed abstractly, but only after adhering to the first and second canons
(4) There should be a definite color dynamic.
(5) The distribution should be based on logical principles;and
(6) The artist must always respect tradition while at the same seeking innovation through his own original style.
These Six Cannons are the basis of all Eastern art.

In the West, beginning with the Post-Impressionists in Paris, the Expressionists in Munich anf the Abstract Expressionists in America,
painters began to move away from objective representational illusionism and towards a new subjective reality
by introducing the importance of the brush-stroke itself as the subject matter of their work.
With this signicant transition the hard line separating Eastern and Western art(and culture)began to disappear.

Kyu nam Han talks on his paintings; at Saddle River,
Kyu nam Han,'Dynasty'(1984), oil on canvas ,72 inch x 56 inch "4계 II (四季,Four Seasons)",(1984) oil on canvas,549cm x 122cm

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