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KYUNAMHAN [작성일 : 2009-02-11 15:01:52 ]  
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Award Ceremony

Party Lifts Hearts, Arts Buoyed by spectacular views of midtown Manhattan, a serendipitous atmosphere and a program that included a poetry reading and sitar playing, the Queens Council on the Arts hosted its “Lift Your Hearts With the Arts” cocktail party at The Foundry in Long Island City on Feb. 10. Besides entertaining attendees and raising money for the multi- faceted, 39-year-old nonprofit, the event honored four individuals who facilitate creative expression in the borough: William D. Martin, director of community affairs at Verizon; Kyu Nam Han, a world famous painter known for melding Western and Far Eastern perspectives; Elia Batas, the owner of La Vuelta Bistro, a Long Island City restaurant where local artists display their work; and Council Member Melinda Katz, who chairs the Land Use Committee. Katz’s mother, Jeanne Dale, founded QCA; her father, David, founded the Queens Symphony Orchestra. Seen in photo are (from left) Batas; Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer, QCA’s executive director; Jimmy Van Bramer, QCA’s president; Steve Villanueva, a meteorologist with UPN 9 News and the master of ceremonies; Han; Katz; and Martin. (photo: Rob MacKay)

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I am honored, excited and thrilled by this special evening. I must say New York is the center of world culture. I arrived here 34 years ago as a student .Tonight I am thrilled and privileged. I must share this moment with my friends in Long Island City, my studio/building mates; there are about 100 artists sharing in a collective experience in the Crane Street Studios, as well as my friends in Seoul, Europe and Hong Kong. I like to paint in LIC; the sub-culture is hidden behind the walls of seemingly abandoned warehouses. In reality, LIC is a most powerful and magnetic community. The creativity is generating new styles, forms, visions and dreams. This community of artists are the spearhead of a new movement - 1,500 artists talk and paint based on their particular background and heritage. There are friends from Germany, China, Argentina, Sweden, Russia. We are sharing visions, words and techniques from culturally diverse backgrounds. We inspire, support and achieve goals based on our concepts. The artists deconstruct pre-existing conventions in order to create a new paradigm. We dream so many things and then we make our dreams concrete. The dream is when the means and ends become all in one. One note of great significance is to thank QCA for your support and encouragement, to assist Queens’s artists, to the attendees and honorees that make this event possible and the artists from around the globe that produce multi-cultural art to convey deeper meanings reflected through original artwork. I love New York Thank you, Kyu Nam Han

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